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Drive Revenue by Packaging Spa, Golf, & Other Experiences into Your Hotel Bookings

Creating Happiness in Hospitality with One Seamless Checkout


Create Customized Experiences That Can Drive a 60% Increase in Average Order Value

With our technology, your hotel can seamlessly upsell and cross-sell additional services during the booking process. This solution customizes ancillary offerings based on guest availability and data.

Your Hotel Could See a 25% Increase in Profit from Ancillary Sales in a $100 Billion Global Market

Despite these figures, a significant number of hotels still haven't explored the profitable potential of adding ancillary services like spa treatments, wellness experiences, golf tee times, and dining into the booking journey.

Increase recognized revenue per occupied room (RevPOR) from your underutilized inventory

Increased Revenue

Streamline hotel operations to reduce administrative costs 

Streamline Operations

Elevate your guests’ booking experience and reduce customer support costs

Improved Experience


Embrace the future of travel technology and stay ahead of the competition with our innovative packaging solution.

Unmatched Packaging Technology
Fusing Your Journey Together

White-label packaging solution

Publishes to your PMS, CRS, & POS systems

Plugs into your existing hotel distribution stack

No other solution offers this level of integration with such simplicity.

Dynamically add on amenities and services into your hotel's booking journey


Book your hotel room and secure tee times, all in one transaction. Simply enter your desired date and our platform presents you with a curated selection of packages tailored to your preferences. 


Your hotel can seamlessly upsell and cross-sell spa and wellness services during the booking process while customizing offerings based on guest availability and data.


Our solution can be used to create unique branded packages & dynamically add on amenities & services in your booking journey.







Our Story

Led by the belief that happiness can be hardwired in wellness travel technology.

Vacayou is a leading wellness travel marketplace founded with a clear mission: to simplify the process of seamlessly packaging accommodations with wellness experiences. In recognizing the intricate challenges faced by hotel groups in providing seamless wellness experiences, Vacayou has now created a solution to streamline the entire process.


By partnering with TripFusion by Vacayou, hotel groups can position themselves at the forefront of the wellness travel movement, ensuring that their accommodations not only meet but exceed the expectations of today's health-conscious and experience-seeking travelers.

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ILHA Webinar by TripFusion

Phocuswright People's Choice Winner 2023

As the journey of wellness continues to evolve, we look to source seamless booking resources that are efficient in their technology and have established wellness partners that authentically deliver on the booking experiences that consumers expect. When travelers talk about wellness transformation, they are really referring to a transformation of state from how one feels (‘I feel well’) to how one is (‘I am well’).  TripFusion and their partners understand this and seamlessly create a wellness journey that exceeds expectations.

Andrew Gibson, Former VP of Wellness for Accor & Fairmont Hotels

As a patient wellness operator working within the realms of hospitality it has been a frustration to get services and packages featured in the sales portfolio of hotels. TripFusion has found a way to overcome the obstacles and enable hotels to maximize the sales potential of all their assets under one platform.

I welcome this new innovation and think that it will be part of the transformation of wellness into mainstream business activities.


2023 TripFusion by Vacayou.

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